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Photo Restoration

Saving photos and negatives from the tests of time.

If you have undeveloped film, damaged photos or negatives that were never printed, I can preserve those memories.



This photo from the early 20th century was taken of the old Bussey Butchers in Fareham. It shows the owners of the butchers, the owners' Mother and the shops' horse and cart. The cart is still in existence, in fact my restored photo will be preserved alongside the original photo and cart in a museum. 

This restoration took many hours of talking with the client, making sure that it retained the look of an old photograph, just cleaned up and with the damage repaired. Here is the final product with the original for comparison! 



scanwedding-2 2.jpg


Wedding photos weren't always digital! If you were married before the digital age then those photos may well have been sitting in a frame for decades! With a quick scan and colour grade I can get those sun damaged photos looking just as vibrant as they did the day they were taken. 



second inverted-2.jpg
second inverted.jpg

Baby Photos! Finding those negatives that were never developed, can be a worry, are they still viable? How long ago did the film get exposed? Luckily film can survive decades, even a century in some cases, but only if it's been in a stable environment, These negatives were developed nearly 50 years after they were exposed, uncovering photos of my client's son and their puppy! 

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